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This is because a large increase in indirect taxes in the period was reinforced by an actual reduction in subsidies. As a result, net indirect taxes were about 90 per cent higher in 1978 than in 1975. 3, both at market prices and at factor cost. 3 above. In the first column of the table, total domestic expenditure is given in three broad components and adjusted, by adding exports and deducting imports, to get GDP at market prices. Net indirect taxes are split over the components in the second column, giving GDP and its components at factor cost in the third column.

Percentages need not add to 100ยท0 because of rounding. salaries and a variety of current purchases.

The output measure is the sum of values added in the various industries, including government services, into which the domestic economy is divided, an at factor cost and before depreciation. 7 below). Similar values added are estimated for other industries. The income measure is got by the addition of an factor incomes generated in the domestic economy whether they go to nationals or to foreigners. The incomes are partly from employment, self-employment and rents and partly from gross trading profits of companies and gross trading surpluses in the pubIic sector.

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