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9 at the end of the listing, at address 02C4). 6. Exercise 2-1: Using the table in Figure 2. 6, compute the corresponding frequency, and check to see if the constants have been chosen correctly. Computing the Note Durations The DURTAB table stores the note durations expressed in numbers equivalent to the number of half-cycles for each note. 2175 second per note. 2175 where D is expressed as a number of periods. 5 (which needs to be expanded). Verify that they match the numbers in table DURTAB at address 2Dl.

The operation of the NXKEY routine is straightforward. The next key closure is obtained by calling the GETKEY routine: START NXKEY LDA #0 STA PILEN CLC JSR GETKEY Initialize length of list to 0 The value read is then compared to the constants "15" and "14" for special action. If no match is found, the constant is stored in the note list using the NUMKEY routine. NXTST CMP #15 BNE NXTST JSR BEEP3 BCC START CMP #14 BNE NUMKEY JSR PLAYEM CLC BCC NXKEY Exercise 2-3: Why are the last two instructions in this routine used instead of an unconditional jump?

If the value 10 has been reached, the player with this score is declared the winner of the match. THE PROGRAM The corresponding program uses only one significant data structure. It is called NUMTAB and is used to facilitate the display of the random binary numbers on the LEDs. Remember that LED #10 must always be lit (it is the "proceed" LED). LED #11 must always be off. LEDs 12, 13, 14, and 15 are used to display the binary number. Remember also that bit position 6 of Port 1B is not used. As a result, displaying a "O" will be accomplished by outputting the pattern 43 ADVANCED 6502 PROGRAMMING START LIGHT LEDs TO SHOW PLAYER 2 WINS ROUND SHOW THAT IT IS PLAYER 2's TURN END Fig.

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