47 Easy-to-Do Classic Science Experiments by Eugene F. Provenzo Jr., Asterie Baker Provenzo PDF

By Eugene F. Provenzo Jr., Asterie Baker Provenzo

ISBN-10: 0486145824

ISBN-13: 9780486145822

Simple yet stress-free experiments, played with universal home goods, train childrens ideas of sunshine, elasticity, point of view, gravity, air strain, optics, extra. directions, illustrations.

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You should be able to see the horses move! STROBOSCOPE/PHANTASCOPE PATTERN The oldest known example of an anamorphosis can be found in the notebooks of the great Italian inventor and artist Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). ” The technique has been used since the discovery of perspective drawing in the 1400’s to conceal political messages in paintings, or simply to create amusing pictures like the English anamorphosis from the mid-1800’s illustrated below. How to View an Anamorphosis MATERIALS the anamorphosis illustrated above KEY TERMS Anamorphosis: An image that appears to be distorted and unrecognizable except when viewed from a special angle or reflected in a curved mirror; then the distortion disappears and the image appears normal.

For this trick to work, the piece of furniture or door must be heavily waxed with beeswax or a natural wax. Rub the coin briskly, up and down, pressing it firmly against the wood as you rub. After a few minutes of rubbing, remove your hand and you will discover that the quarter sticks to the wood. Because of the pressure and friction created by rubbing the quarter against the wood, the thin layer of air between the wood and the coin was heated, expanded and partially expelled. When you stop moving the coin back and forth, it cools quickly, causing a lower air pressure between the coin and the wood.

Magic with Coins A terrific magic trick that succeeds because of the principle of inertia is illustrated below. It is actually possible to stack one or more coins on your elbow, quickly throw your arm forward and catch the coins in your hand without dropping any on the floor. How to Perform Magic with Coins MATERIALS one or more coins of the same denomination KEY TERMS Inertia: The tendency of all objects and matter in the universe to remain still, or, if moving, to go on moving in the same direction unless acted upon by some outside force.

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